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Cross-Cultural Service

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Cross-cultural introduction seminars

The first step in any cross-cultural training is to ensure executives leading foreign or cross border developments become aware of barriers to their success. These seminars shed light onto the cultural blind spot, deliver a perception of the challenges ahead and present a realistic view of the target market.

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1-2-1 Cross-cultural consultancy/coaching

In this second step, the executives have now become aware of the multiple cultural issues they are confronted with, however, lack skills to address the challenges within tight deadlines. The consultant works in partnership to support and guide actions tailored to the local markets. The consultancy / coaching sessions address two main areas in the host market:

Increase ability to understand selected target countries through relationship building skills communication issues
Suitability and attractiveness of product/service features

    The consultant pragmatically builds on the skills presented in the cross-cultural introduction seminar and coaches the executive to identify solutions independently

    Cross-cultural advanced seminar

    The final step is to transfer; individual executives' experiences, learnings from unsuccessful attempts and local market resistance, into an organisational expertise and competitive advantage. The course facilitator gathers relevant information on specific business centred cross- cultural issues, which are hindering or stimulating fast growth. A multiple case study toolkit is then developed, which forms the core of the training programme to ensure all best practices are integrated throughout the organisation. This guarantees the pertinent skills are transferred into new projects and improve overall business performance.


    The table below outlines the recommended cross-cultural change programme timing. Scheduling of events and consultancy to be discussed and agreed to ensure a flexible approach and meet your business needs.



    Cross-cultural introduction seminar (8 participants) Month 1
    1-2-1 cross-cultural consultancy/coaching Month 1 and ongoing
    Preparation for cross-cultural advanced seminar Month 5 and 6
    Cross-cultural advanced seminar (8 participants) Month 7






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