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ILFB’s Mission is to:

  • Support organisations and individuals to forge powerful networks and communication within a cross cultural environment.
  • Empower executives to bridge the cultural and linguistic gaps so as to harness the wealth of opportunities brought by diversity.

To this end ILFB focuses on:

  1. Removing the language barriers preventing you from accessing or optimising your business relationships with the key countries where you operate.
  2. Fostering outstanding communication competences in matrix management environments where cultural complexity hinders empowerment and results.
  3. Revealing the hidden hurdles to global opportunities.
  4. Reducing cultural naivety inhibiting results and damaging your reputation.
  5. Tackling challenges which cause excessive costs through allegedly inexplicable failures or errors mistakenly attributed to foreign parties.

ILFB’s specialist know-how in the field of cross culture and language coaching equips individuals and teams with exciting communication competencies for expanding your sphere of influence and improving business results both nationally and globally.