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One to One Training

1-2-1 Business Consultancy/Coaching For Executives


We provide consultancy and coaching support for executives who are either unaware or aware of the multiple cultural issues they are confronted with, but who lack the skills to address these challenges within tight deadlines. The consultant works in partnership with the executives to support and guide actions tailored to the local markets. Sessions address two main areas in the host market:

  1. communication issues
  2. suitability and attractiveness of product/service features

The consultant identifies communication roadblocks or culturally mismatching service features and recommends pragmatic solutions to his/her clients. At the same time, the business findings are applied to coach the client towards effective responses to target countries and nurture new communication skills. After 3 to 6 days, executives operate independently and successfully in the target market. This consultant and executive combined effort reduces considerably time to achieve results, therefore, contributing markedly to return on investment.

Client objectives

  • Maximise ability to perform in a multicultural/target environment
  • Identify barriers to communication
  • Enhance understanding and sensitivity for working with non English natives
  • Contribute to and support client to achieve own objectives
  • Explore solutions for communication objectives in the target market and seek recommendations for action


The session is interactive and comprises of:

  • Keep abreast of the client's financial results vs. financial objectives, the target market in which they operate and their key projects and developments.
  • Identify future barriers to communication and make recommendations for action
  • Work on the client's perception, attitude and behaviour. Develop ongoing feedback and training programme
  • Ensure cross-cultural coach intervenes upstream as opposed to downstream
  • Coaching sessions to ensure monitoring of challenges and development of on the job cross-cultural skill set
  • Consultant to attend key meetings where there is a very strong cross-cultural challenge/opportunity for client. Provision of communication support and feedback, during and post meetings
  • Provide on going phone support where necessary
  • Devise exercises to ensure client cross-cultural fishing skills are in place

Further Information

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