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Advanced Seminar

Cross – Cultural Advanced Training

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Cross-cultural capability for an organisation ultimately has to reside with each interfacing individual. Cross-cultural excellence stems from the ability to harvest field experience AND share best practices with relevant teams. The aim is to transfer individual executives' experiences. There is significant value in learning from unsuccessful attempts and sharing expertise in dealing with local market resistance. This sharing of market-specific know-how and tactical tools become part of the organisational expertise and competitive advantage.

The advanced seminar is designed for organisations that have:

  1. completed the cross-cultural introduction seminar
  2. engaged in day to day business related cross-cultural consultancy and 1-2-1 coaching
  3. an organisational learning culture and seek to transfer their best practices into future expansions

The consultant identifies communication roadblocks or culturally mismatching service features and recommends pragmatic solutions to his/her clients. At the same time, the business findings are applied to coach the client towards effective responses to target countries and nurture new communication skills. After 3 to 6 days, executives operate independently and successfully in the target market. This consultant and executive combined effort reduces considerably time to achieve results, therefore, contributing markedly to return on investment.

Client objectives

  • increase ability to perform efficiently in new target countries through effective relationship building skills in cross-cultural environments
  • anticipate and act on barriers to communication
  • tap into individual and collective expertise BEFORE blockages occur
  • maximise ability to perform and influence in a multicultural environment
  • take responsibility for and nurture cross-cultural perception, attitude and behaviour
  • understand what, when and where available support would contribute to project efficiency


The course facilitator gathers relevant information on specific business-centred, cross-cultural issues, which are hindering or stimulating fast growth. A multiple case study toolkit is then developed, which forms the core of the training programme to ensure all best practices are integrated throughout the organisation. This guarantees pertinent skills are transferred into new projects and improve overall business performance.

The full day is interactive and comprises:

  • A presentation identifying specific cultural barriers affecting executive performances and business results.
  • Tailored exercises
  • Business related case studies
  • a maximum of 8 participants

Further Information

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