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An Introduction to Cross-Culture Seminar

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Excellent communication with foreigners and non-native speakers [of English] rests on a twin skill: the ability to communicate in their language and a good understanding of their underpinning culture. This cross-culture seminar is designed for multinational organisations seeking to increase their position on the global stage in this evolving change climate, whether through new market development, joint ventures, mergers or global change management processes. This one day awareness session introduces techniques and skills to optimise influencing power and return on investment.

Client objectives

  • Increase ability to understand selected target countries through relationship building skills
  • Identify barriers to communication
  • Enhance understanding and sensitivity for working with non-Anglo natives
  • Maximise ability to perform and influence in a multicultural environment
  • Refine cross-cultural perception, attitude and behaviour
  • Explore solutions for communication objectives in the European arena and seek recommendations for action


The session is interactive and comprises of:

  • A presentation introducing cross-cultural issues and countries relevant to the organisation.
  • Exercises and games
  • Films and documentaries
  • A maximum of 8 participants

Further Information

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