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Who we are

International Learning For Business  started in the mid 1980's as the result of an obsession: delivering foreign language fluency in the shortest time possible in any language.

The ILFB language method ingeniously combines know-how harvested in the fields of applied psychology blended with the latest discoveries in neurosciences. Results astound learners who benefit from exceptional achievements with their target language, culture and country.

Over many years we have researched and continuously developed techniques for building operational fluency in the shortest time possible, along with tools to tackle the interrelated challenge of cross-cultural working. The ILFB competency toolkit enables individuals and organisations to successfully recognise and bridge cross-cultural gaps. It has been tested and refined in practical learning environments to generate outstanding results and a reputation that is second to none.

The ILFB pool of language associates and cross-cultural specialists are recruited for their expertise in their field as well as their outstanding interpersonal skills. ILFB empowers them to reach higher levels in their specialist area thereby contributing to clients' ever increasing need for efficiency and quick results.

Patrice Leriche

Director – has been working as a consultant for ILFB in the cross cultural and language world for over 24 years. Patrice operates professionally in five languages and speaks six. His passion drives him to continue acquiring further languages, thereby enhancing his empathy with cross-cultural clients and learners.

Jerome Thircuir

Director – works globally as a business consultant in the Investment Banking sector where he communicates in four languages. In addition, he is the CEO of Forward Plane a developmental organisation delivering cutting edge, creative and change harnessing tools to executives and teams wishing to compete with the best in their fields.

Anthony Clayton

Senior trainer has been a French teacher in London for 18 years. In that time he has acquired an impressive client list in 2 key areas of the market ie: financial companies in the City and the ministries in Whitehall (including the Cabinet Office). He brings to ILFB a wealth of pedagogical experience in the fields of course design, student assessment and teacher recruitment and training.

J Kinsley

Consultant spent one year studying at Fukuoka University, Kyushu and subsequently spent 6 years working for Japanese companies in Tokyo. He is fluent in Japanese and has a broad understanding of Japanese business culture. Both at the university and at work in Tokyo he was often the only foreigner in the group and thus gained a thoroughly immersive experience of Japan.