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Language Tuition

ILFB Language Courses

The aim is for our clients to build fluidity and fluency in the shortest possible time.

Why put ILFB to the test?

As an operational executive: you have tried before – and still dream of reaching fluency in a foreign language. ILFB techniques are simple, yet cutting edge in terms of approach and results. Please read our testimonials. This is your opportunity to test something different and move ahead linguistically.

As an HR executive with a budget:  the techniques deliver superior results. As a consquence, you'll add value to your organisation in three ways: you'll provide executives with competences many have always dreamt of and hence, you'll satisfy their needs for personal developement. You'll innovate and bring a truly new skill set to your work environment.   Beyond, you'll help your teams engage with foreign markets more efficiently.  You can test our services easily through small scale training projects which can be carried out either face to face or through video conferencing.



Target Audience

Speed 1 Individuals
Applying the latest techniques on foreign language aquisition
Available through video conference and as such ideal for geographically remote training
Executives and Senior Executives with time constraints and need for quick results
Speed 2 Group
Same techniques applied to groups
Executives with less demanding time constraints and medium dependency on results
Languages available

English, French, Italian, Spanish, German

Other languages on request


Individuals – One-2-One

  • If you are looking for fluency, this approach applies the latest research in the field of foreign language learning to help you in the shortest possible time. It comprises a mix of training inputs to ensure you do not have to wait until tomorrow to engage in business opportunities. Learn the way you learnt your native language as a child.
  • Ideally suited for executives and senior executives with a demanding time schedule and a high motivation to reach fluency in the shortest possible time.
  • Results evaluated at 3 to 6 times faster than with a standard approach.


  • This programme combines the coaching dynamic of our flagship service adjusted to the needs of groups.
  • Ideally suited for executives with more time on their hands wishing to benefit from the latest cutting edge input.
  • Results evaluated as twice faster than standard traditionnal training.

Please email us on for further information on your desired foreign language.