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Testimonials for ILFB Language Learning

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‘Each individual will improve his linguistic competences. ILFB very clearly understands the steps to fluency. The approach is both made to measure and highly systematic. ILFB adapts the method and moulds it to the needs of each learner. Nothing is left to chance. The techniques are very simple, easy and powerful once you adopt them.'

Lord Stephen Sherbourne of Didsbury – CBE


 'In a little over one year with ILFB I have acquired a comprehensive grasp of French – far more than I ever thought possible. I am judged to have reached at least ‘A’ level, and can hold prolonged conversations in French. Their techniques are radical, sometimes counter intuitive, encouraging a total absorption in the French language – to a degree that it feels like my mind has been literally bathed in French sounds. But they work. And although the initial focus was on conversation, I am reading well and have a deep understanding of grammar, far out-stripping anything I managed to get from three years at school. My job requires that I use French and ILFB have been instrumental in improving my contacts with Europe and opening up new doors in my professional and personal life'.

Matthew Holder, Health and Safety Executive 


‘I spoke for one hour – in German, with a taxi driver on my way to my hotel. Fantastic! (after 14 sessions form scratch)

Simon Dunning. Urenco


'Surprised and amazed to have progressed so quickly in such a short space of time (in Italian). My husband even commented upon my French which also improved as a by-product of the technique used.'

Dr Caroline Thomson, BBC 

 'I just wanted to let you know that I got an A*; Thank you so much for helping me'.

Maude S, GCSE pupil 

‘I have studied with ILFB for one hour per week over one year. In this time my competence in spoken French has improved enormously, more than after all previous courses and training put together. I thoroughly recommend this method.’

Dr Andrew Morris, Nestle UK


Thank you for recommending the use of specific and related internet tools such as Memrise for reinforcing memory or Reverso for rehearsing my French verbs on your Free Resource page. Memrise is highly effective, simply addictive and brilliant at the embedding task in the context of your training'.


Joy Mutumba. Preparing entry exams for a European College


‘I can now celebrate my success.'

Brian Kogan, the Office of Railways and Regulations

‘Can I just say on behalf of all of us who have taken part, thank you very much for your patience, great teaching and support. The feedback from my colleagues has been fantastically positive.’

Justine Ballard, Home Office


ILFB knows how to tap into your learning resources and take you forward.’

Karen Davies, Department For Transport


'Brilliant! Exceeded my expectations. As a result developed stronger working relationship with my foreign colleagues.

David Taylor, SSP International


‘I have found this language teaching style to be so very much better than any I've experience before. For the first time, I feel that it really just might be possible for me to converse in French, if not fluently, then adequately.

Maureen Hutchins, Home Office


‘How different from my previous training. Black and white. and incredibly painless.

Bulent Ismail, Department For Transport

‘An excellent opportunity for development – not just in learning a foreign language. The teaching style coupled with insights into learning techniques and the coaching sessions we have been offered have brought benefits for improving communications skills overall.’

Sue Griffiths, Home Office


"Like a lot of people, I had always assumed that languages was not for me, and that it would be virtually impossible for me to learn, let alone speak a foreign language. However, in just under 2 years, from a starting point of no prior knowledge, I am at a level where I can now converse quite comfortably in French with native speakers.
I have utilised the basic underpinning skills, and as a result my language skills have increased at an exponential rate that I could never ever have envisaged or imagined, so much so that colleagues, friends and family remark that I must have a natural gift or special talent for language. This is not the case. I have simply utilised the learning techniques and underpinning skills, and my understanding and fluency has increased. As this bore fruit, using the skills has become self-sustaining, and serve to continually improve my fluency."    

Mike Franklin, Department For Transport

‘I'm amazed at how much I can now interact with the natives. An incredible feeling.’

Pamela Spalding, Home Office

‘Teaching me more in a year than I have learnt in 40 years!! – my heartfelt thanks.’

Tricia England, Home Office

‘Very good at unlocking dormant knowledge.’

Rajka Vlahovic, The United Nations

‘When I decided to live in Paris a little over a year ago, I realised that my French was decidedly rusty but I had the great fortune to be introduced to ILFB. Thank you for devising such a wonderful programme to specifically meet my needs, which seems to have been very successful as I am now very often taken for 'une vrai Parisienne'. My initial nervousness has disappeared and my conversational abilities improve as time goes by. Your encouragement and analysis of the needs of your students is exceptional and far outstrips other courses I have taken in the past. I continue to follow your guidance and thoroughly enjoy the learning curve which is enormous fun. A million thanks to you and your team.’

Janette Field, Retired – in her dream city Paris!

‘Thank you for all the work you have done so far for me [8 sessions of 1.5 hour from scratch] I spent two days in France and spent half a night speaking to people in French. It was lovely.’

Julian Read, Compass

‘I never thought I could progress so fast. an absolute change of habit with regard to speaking.’

 Jonathan Heilbron, Thomas Pink

My counterpart complimented me on how much my French had improved.’

Richard Clifton, Health and Safety Executive

'I wanted to congratulate you for such great teaching: I recently spent 4 days in Paris and even though I had not spoken French for the last five years I had no problems of communication at all, everybody understood me and I understood everything, I was amazed at my own performance, I can’t believe how good the outcomes of your method are!'

Alfredo de la Casa, Department for Transport

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