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Welcome to International Learning for Business

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Highly Effective Learning

Our services range from standard learning approaches to highly effective bespoke programmes reflecting our clients’ challenges and diverse needs. If you are working cross-culturally and/or require foreign languages, our business solutions are the support you are looking for.
The key expertise of International Learning for Business rests in forward thinking techniques which are constantly updated with the latest research and refined in the pragmatic business environment. These tools deliver high impact skills to individuals and organisations within short time frames gaining us a reputation for outstanding results that is second to none.

ILFB provides solutions to your communication challenges in foreign languages and cross-culture.

Delivering fluency in the Language you want

If you are a first-time learner, the ILFB techniques will help you progress fast. We’ll assist you to perceive, nurture and build your linguistic abilities as well as identify the natural mind roadblocks that may slow down or restrict progress. As a result, you’ll learn faster than you ever thought possible.  If you have already tried and not succeeded yet at foreign languages, the techniques are absolutely designed for you.

Building your cross-cultural awareness and skills for different countries

If you are working internationally, our seminars will acquaint you with the do’s and don’ts of your target countries and equip you with the skills to perceive and anticipate problems that may arise.
If you are heavily involved with foreign organisations and seek to increase your influence, we’ll devise bespoke seminars for you and act as consultants to assist you solving your important international challenges. 

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